RVIQ Savings Guarantee

By Jordan Todd | April 2, 2019

Announcing the RVIQ Savings Guarantee: We are really setting a new standard bar for property tax services this year with our biggest announcement yet, The RealValueIQ Savings Guarantee! RealValueIQ is promising every customer who purchases our RealValueIQ full-service protest package for the 2019 property tax season (prior to May 15) the following: Any customer that does […]

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For Texans Who Want Change: Appealing Property Taxes is The Quickest Way

By Jordan Todd | April 26, 2018

There is one thing that leaves me discouraged about the state of our country, and that is what this blog post is about. Ironically, I wrote a blog post almost a year ago to the day in response to Dave Lieber’s “Everyone Should File a Protest” Campaign / Article in the Dallas Morning News, and we agreed […]

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Something Nobody is Telling Texans about the GOP Tax Proposal

By Jordan Todd | November 3, 2017

There are two major parts of the tax proposal that will effect Texans.  One is obvious, and the other is far from obvious, and as is usually the case, the one that is far from obvious could have much more significant impact on the everyday Texan.  But first, the obvious….. The GOP tax proposal would […]

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Bexar County Residential Property Taxes: Taxation Without Representation

By Jordan Todd | July 13, 2017

I warned you guys that my last Facebook Live post would not be the last you heard about this article I discovered from June of last year, interviewing Michael Amezquita, Bexar County’s Chief Appraiser about the current status of Bexar County’s commercial property taxes.  Here is the link to the article, if you have not […]

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