For Texans Who Want Change: Appealing Property Taxes is The Quickest Way

There is one thing that leaves me discouraged about the state of our country, and that is what this blog post is about. Ironically, I wrote a blog post almost a year ago to the day in response to Dave Lieber’s “Everyone Should File a Protest” Campaign / Article in the Dallas Morning News, and we agreed with everything Mr. Lieber said in his article with one minor exception: the reason everyone should file a protest. You can read that blog here.

Today, I stand behind my conclusion in this post even more so than I did a year ago when I wrote it. Why?  Unfortunately, because I have seen how hard it is to get people to want to save money on their largest annual expense in less than 7 minutes, and it scares to me think about the level of true political involvement from our citizens knowing that voting in your local elections requires about 100 times the effort that filing your property tax appeal does. Now I understand most people do not understand the ins and out of filing an appeal on their property taxes, do not understand that it is risk free, and do not realize that RealValueIQ literally gives them a 100 percent guarantee to save money on their taxes or they do not pay a dollar.

But what I don’t understand when I write articles or posts on social media exposing the very thing that Professor Jensen wrote about today in the New York Times, why the peers of mine who should be setting examples for the rest of the citizens, not to mention their children, reply or comment with sarcastic quips such as, “Why do you seem so angry?” or “How many espresso shots have you had today?”.

Seriously, Bexar County does not even provide its citizens with a way to file a homestead exemption online, despite having to furnish for three straight years now a way to file an entire appeal online, and nobody even cares? Oh, did I mention Bexar County is the single worst county out of 253 counties in Texas in terms of homeowners who are eligible for a homestead exemption, but do not have one filed? Yes, the single worst county.

Think about this for a second if you live in Bexar County:  someone who your tax dollars are paying, and you are electing, is consciously making the choice to not provide you with a way to file your homestead exemption online, meanwhile is giving out 120+ tax abatements to the tune of 40 million dollars, and nobody is even going to call them on it? Not even the San Antonio Express News?

I mean RealValueIQ offered to file them for people last year once we learned about this and were written up in the Dallas Morning News (thank you, Dave Lieber) and did not get one mention in the San Antonio Express News? This is something that deserves serious consideration for anyone interested in preserving a democracy for their children.

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