RealValueIQ 2017: Full Service Ahead!

Announcing the 2017 RVIQ Savings Guarantee:

We are really setting a new standard bar for property tax services this year with our biggest announcement yet, The RealValueIQ Savings Guarantee!

RealValueIQ is promising every customer who purchases our RealValueIQ full-service protest package for the 2017 property tax season (prior to May 31st) the following:

Any customer that does not pay fewer taxes than the county proposed is eligble for a RVIQ issued refund of the original purchase price; No Questions Asked!  

The refund will be issued within 60 days of the formal hearing date and the customer only has to fulfill two requirements to be eligible for this money back guarantee.  The two requirements are that the customer must :

1) Respond to any RVIQ email, or other correspondence within FIVE (5) business days.


2) Provide RVIQ with an executed affidavit allowing RVIQ to submit affidavit on customer’s behalf  to the county in the event the protest proceeds to a formal hearing because no offer was made informally.

This is a huge value, and makes protesting risk-free for the RealValueIQ customers located in the major metro counties of Texas!  How much value?  Anywhere between $99 and $179, depending on the price of your home.

More About Our Full Service Protest Packages for 2017

Our full service protest option was beta tested last year in a few counties, but will be offered for the entire 2017 protest season this year by RealValueIQ.  And it will be offered in every county we provide services in, which so far includes Dallas County for the 2017 season, as well as the usual suspects from 2016: Bexar, Travis, Williamson, Collin, and Harris.

How did our full service results compare in 2016 to our regular service?  

We are glad you asked!

The results were actually better than our normal clients received for the small beta test sample size of customers who purchased the full-service option the week we offered it during the 2016 season.  Full-Service protest customers were 87.5% successful in receiving a reduction, and the average reduction was $612 after our payment.

Sound too good to be true?  Well it isn’t.  Please share this information with any of your friends or family who did not protest their property taxes last year, or that used an professional and were unhappy with their results.  We promise using RealValueIQ is the smartest way to protest your property taxes in 2017.