Why Equity Isn't What You Think It Means

Equity is often thought of by property owners as the “equity” they have in their home – but this is not the definition used by the state of Texas when it comes to property taxes. Equity – as it relates to your property taxes – means the Texas constitutional requirement that every property has the right to be taxed equally and uniformly to similar properties. Hence, the term equity – for equitable taxation.

As a property owner, you have two ways to protest your home’s taxable value:

  1. That your property value is not in line with the market value
  2. That your property value is based on the average appraised value of comparable properties (i.e.: the “equity argument”)

The important point is that you have the legal right to compare your property’s value with those of surrounding comparable properties.

RealValueIQ’s Evidence Packet automatically selects comparable properties in your neighborhood, and our custom algorithm determines your property’s true taxable value.

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