Author: Jordan Todd

Property Tax Two Step: Why You Should Always Protest and Why You Should Do It Yourself

The content of this blog post will use statistics taken from the Travis Central Appraisal District from the 2014 Property Tax Season. The article containing these statistics was found in the Austin American Statesman on May 9th, 2015. RealValueIQ highly recommends reading the article in addition to this blog post, especially if you own a […]

Why Is The RealValueIQ Report Important?

The RealValueIQ report matters because it gives you, the property owner, the information you need to effectively protest your proposed taxable value. In order to understand the value of the RealValueIQ Report, we must first look at the options a property owner has in Texas when protesting their value to demonstrate inequality and receive tax […]

Your Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

As a homeowner, the Texas constitution grants you these rights: You have the right to equal and uniform taxation. You have the right to ensure that your property is appraised uniformly with similar property in your county. You have the right to have your property appraised according to generally accepted appraisal techniques and other requirements […]

Why Equity Isn't What You Think It Means

Equity is often thought of by property owners as the “equity” they have in their home – but this is not the definition used by the state of Texas when it comes to property taxes. Equity – as it relates to your property taxes – means the Texas constitutional requirement that every property has the […]